Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The School Garden - Part 2

Our school garden construction is nearing completion.  We're fortunate to have a parent who is a talented carpenter/woodworker and he's done wonderful work on the fences, arbors and gates.  The perimeter deer fence is mostly in place, the galvanized metal tubs are set, with irrigation stub outs to each one.  Three inches of playground mulch covers all of the pedestrian areas. 

The middle school children have been working to finish up the garden during their after-school hours and it's really looking nice.

Donations to the garden project have been brisk, with our wishlist of tools already fulfilled.  Our teachers have been developing ideas of how the garden might assist them with their lessons in science, geology, literature, etc. 

Irrigation is set to be completed this winter, and fruit trees for our bosque have been donated.  Some planting should begin in the spring!  I will keep you posted.  Here is a sketch that I put together to assist in the garden's construction...

Galvanized planting tubs have been set and filled with soil

The 5'- 6" tall hogwire deer fence is nearly complete

An interior arbor

An arbor marks the entry to the garden.  We've discussed planting it with interesting gourds as we have a
parent who is a skilled gourd artist and the children love to work on gourd projects. 

Should be interesting to see if this is a success!

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  1. I love the look of the hog wire deer fence. How was it constructed?